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Radar JRC JMA-2300 MK2

The JMA-2300 radar series from JRC is in two models available, the JMA-2343, which has a 4kW radome, and the JMA-2344, which features a 6kW open-array configuration. Both configurations utilize the latest in digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design.

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The 10-inch CRT incorporates soft keys designed to make menu selections easy and fast. The high quality of the display provides outstanding target definition and discrimination. In additional, an optional MARPA function allows you to track other vessels while displaying their course and speed.

GPS connectivity

The JRC JMA-2300 series allows connecting to navigation equipment, such as GPS, which provides on-screen the exact location of the ship (numerical value) or a mark on the waypoints. This will show the difference between the bearing of a waypoint and the ship’s heading at a glance.

Easy access to EBL and VRM

EBL and VRM are frequently used means. JRC has integrated these on the JMA-2300 series, equipped with dedicated switches.

The soft-keys

In order to simplify the operation, JRC has incorporated 4 soft-key switches, just below the display, which correspond to the most frequently used functions The soft-keys make it as easy to navigate through all common used tasks as it is to navigate your ship to your next waypoint.

The cross-key

The cross-key is a multifunctional add-on to JRC advanced marine radar system, allowing you to move the cursor, rotate the EBL, change the size of the VRM and selecting items from the menu – instantly. Also, by simply pushing the cross-key, the cursor moves in the direction pushed. The left/right arrow keys allow rotation of the EBL clockwise and counter clockwise, and the VRM distance becomes smaller and larger by using the up/down arrows.

Stick with the single cross-key simplicity or navigate with soft-key efficiency.


This JMA-2300 radar series allow you to dynamically switch between the English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Germany and Korean languages, without having to reboot.

Displaying SART

GMDSS installations include one of more Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) devices, which are used to locate a survival craft or distressed vessels. The JRC JMA-2300 series is capable of picking up the SART signal, enabling an immediate response for search and rescue efforts.


The JRC JMA-2300Mk2 allows connecting to navigation equipment, such as GPS, for own position, waypoints, and speed for MARPA tracking. It also allows connecting a GPS compass for your heading (and MARPA tracking) and/or AIS for displaying targets.


The new radar has an easy vessel searching function based on AIS, called DirecTrak™. This function shows the nearest 50 vessels received by the AIS. If you select a vessel on the list, then range and bearing is displayed of the selected vessel.


The new radar has the ability to display 10 MARPA™ tracked targets as standard. The (second generation) MARPA ™ continues JRC's successful MARPA™ technology first found in the previous JMA-2300 radar series providing outstanding target definition and discrimination. Our engineers continued developing and improving the technology, so that now, with MARPA ™, manual or automatic target tracking is even more reliable.

New scanners

With this new radar, JRC introduces 2 new scanners, available in a 4 kW radome and a 6 kW open array configuration, designed in line with our common interface technology found in the bigger radars.

The scanners feature a new high rate Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), resembling number of pulses transmitted each second, allows for a highly accurate short range detection. Also both integrate the possibility to select the rotation speed, allowing for better discrimination and target detection in busy shipping lanes.

Marine Radar : JMA-2300MK2 Series