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JRC JFE-380, Navigation Echo Sounder

jrc jfe-380 navigation echo sounder

    The JFE-380 echo sounder continues the tradition of enhanced depth data technology resulting in highly accurate and reliable read-out functionality.

    JRC’s enhanced depth data technology has three central presentation modes, i.e. standard, history and docking. Both standard and docking mode provides a wide range of information. This is stored in the memory for up to 24 hours. The history mode allows you to retrieve all memorized depth data to provide complete feedback.

    The JFE-380 is designed according to the latest IMO regulations. All passenger ships and cargo ships exceeding 300GT are required to have a type approved echo sounder onboard.

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    Display modes

    JRC’s new echo sounder incorporates a 6.5-inch high visibility color TFT display. The innovative display modes allow you to select and view echoes in 8 colors or 8 levels of monochrome. Additionally, the size-reduced JFE-380 echo sounder incorporates printer adaptability, providing the ship’s log with valuable printouts if required.

    jrc jfe-380, navigation echo sounder

    jrc jfe-380, navigation echo sounder

    Flexible installation

    The compact connection box can be installed out of sight. An optional dual frequency configuration, 50 kHz and 200 kHz, allows you to operate both frequencies independently or simultaneously, or allows you to have a separate bow-stern depth read-out.




    The JFE-380 shares the same simple configuration as its predecessors, contributing to enhanced ergonomics and easy retrofitting.

    • Display Excluding bracket
    • Connection box
    • Transducer Dual frequency or bow-stern possible, depends on configuration (50 kHz and/or 200 kHz)
    • Matching box
    • Cables
    • Spare parts
    • Manual (English)
    Cables included:
    • Signal cable - Transducer to matching box, Attached to transducer, 20 m
    • TX/RX cable - Connection box to display, 10 m
    • Signal cable - Connection box to display, 10 m
    • Power cable - Connection box to display, 10 m
    • Flush mount BRBX05339
    • Table mount BRBX05353
    • Remote display (4-inch) NWW-58
    • Junction box (for remote display) CQD-10
    • Dimmer unit (for remote display) NCM-227D
    • Output buffer NQA-602DC
      IMO compliant +
      Display 6.5-inch color LCD display, 480-by-640 resolution
      Frequency 200 kHz, 50 kHz
      Output power 200 kHz: 1 kW
      50 kHz: 500W
      Echo color 8 colors or 8 levels monochrome
      Digital depth 4 digits (0.1 m)
      Range 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 800 m
      Depth accuracy ±2.5%
      Minumum sounding depth 200 kHz: 1 m
      50 kHz: 2 m
      Draft adjust 50 m in 0.1 m steps
      TX pulse repetition rate 171 PRR (10, 20, 50 m)
      68 PRR (100, 200 m)
      43 PRR (500, 800 m)
      Presentation Standard, history and docking
      Time range of echo display 5, 10, 20, 30 min
      Auto function Gain, range
      Alarm function Depth (shallow depth), power failure, system error
      Preview function 24 hrs memory
      Image printer External (option)
      NMEA in/out Selectable NMEA0183 versions: 1.5 or 2.3
      Input JRC, RMA, RMC, GLL, VTG, ZDA, GGA, ACK
      Output DBS, DBT, DBK (version 1.5) JRC, ALR, DPT (version 2.3)
      Printer in/out RS232C
      Power 24V DC 30% -10% (for power fail alarm only)
      100-115V to 200-230V AC ±15%, 50/60 Hz ±5%
      Consumption 20 W
      Ambient conditions Operating temperature -15° to 55°C
      Storage temperature display -25° to 75°C
      Operating humidity 0% to 93% non-condensing
      Waterproof IPX5 (display), IPX2 (connecting box)
      Dimension and weight
      6.5-inch display
      NJA-98 Weight 4 kg

      jrc jfe-380, navigation echo sounder








      Connection box
      NQD-2120 Weight 4 kg

      jrc jfe-380, navigation echo sounder








      NKF-345 (50 kHz) Weight 20 kg
      NKF-341 (200 kHz) Weight 22 kg

      jrc jfe-380, navigation echo sounder








      Matching box
      AW-154F-50 (50 kHz) Weight 4 kg
      AW-154F (200 kHz) Weight 4 kg